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This program has been done with an entire K-6 school of 600+ kids who on average became 5x faster at math.


Here you will find full programs to help your child learn the fundamentals of math.

These methods are:

-proven; methods used to win national championships in math and memory

-researched; using successful strategies from the top mental athletes and scholars

-refined; developed over 25 years in the classroom with unparalleled results

-fun; using ancient techniques the way a child's brain and imagination naturally work.

It's easy. Listen to a story, learn the numbers in the story, then get fast at multiplying.

The Math Stories | Multiplication Course

This program teaches your child the multiplication facts using easy, fun stories based on incredibly fast, proven strategies like "Memory Palaces" and "Mnemonics".

Ideal for kids 8-11 years.ncludes:

-Videos (3 x 9) explaining the stories, how to find the numbers and practice.

-Digital Workbook and practice sheets the practice the techniques

-Digital Posters with graphic versions of the stories to study and reinforce strategies.

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When children get fast with the basics, the rest of math gets easier..

Kenzy Math | Addition Course

This program teaches your child the addition facts using simple patterns similar to the Eastern Abacus style of learning number.

The course includes:

-12 x 5 minute videos explaining the complete program.

-digital workbook and individual practice sheets to practice the techniques

-digital graphic posters to study and reinforce strategies

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With these math strategies, children learn faster than adults, which is a good thing.

Kenzy Math | Multiplication Course

The Kenzy Math Subtraction Course is available now.

Researched | Proven | Effective.

Get the Kenzy Math Addition & Subtraction Program Now!

The course includes:

-12 x 5 minute videos explaining the complete program.

-digital workbook and individual practice sheets to practice the techniques

-digital graphic posters to study and reinforce strategies

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Students have earned top spots in memory and math in national competitions.

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For many years I have spoken at teachers' conventions to share these methods with teachers. I have been able to present on math, language and music. The workshops are a chance for me to work with people one-on-one as I do with my students in the classroom.

Teachers' Convention Presentations:



Kenzy Math

New math, apps and fads don't work. They never have.

These things offer pseudo-learning and a false sense of understanding math. Apps have never been able to replace teachers. The 'New Math' is a band-aid that tries to compensate for a child's lack of basic math skills. Fads come and go because they never address the root of the problem, which is simple. Kids need the basics.

The Kenzy Method is a mnemonic system similar to the abacus style of Eastern math, but much more, it connects numbers with naturally occurring patterns in numbers. It takes old-school practice, but it results in a genuine understanding of good, honest math skills.

Many people believe that math and language are the most important subjects a child should learn during their developmental year. In Canada, the United States and Australia these are areas where many kids struggle.

Curriculums are regularly changing, new programs for numeracy and literacy come and go, international tests score and headlines show parents and educators are frustrated with a failing system over and over or year after year.

Having a great deal of measurable and documented success, I would like to offer some insight to these trends. I will identify logic and reasons as to why children fail in these subjects and what can be done to overcome these shortcomings.

Using a natural combination of ancient techniques and new world mind technologies, children can learn to master skills in language and math with both mastery and understanding.

These strategies and methods are not theories or ideas, but successful, tried and tested practices that have been refined in the classroom for years.

Learning math strategies builds confidence and a love of numbers .

These courses use ancient, proven techniques.

Students have earned top spots in memory/math nationals.

A solid foundation of basics leads to success in math.

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